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MLH Icon Ancient Echoes Ring


The Ancient Echoes Ring is made from a cast of an authentic ancient Roman ring in Melinda's personal collection that dates from 100-400 C.E. It bears the MLH Icon with a single 1mm conflict-free white Diamond flush set above, placed to evoke a star shining down in the night sky.

Diamond is a high-vibrational stone of radiant light. Wearing Diamonds promotes alignment with Divine and personal truth, opening insight into how to best attain Earthly and spiritual goals. The intense energy of Diamonds can also enhance psychic abilities.

Silver is the metal of the Moon. The lunar energy calls forth the deep and powerful intuition and introspection of the High Priestess. Silver can help open the door to the subconscious, encouraging exploration of the hidden aspects of the Self and the World.

The MLH Icon is a combination of two symbols - The Hierophant's staff and the alchemical symbol for fire. The Hierophant is the Divine Teacher of the Tarot, drawing down wisdom from the heavens to help guide souls on Earth. Fire is the element of action and intuition, related to the suit of wands in the Tarot. In this mark, these two energies come together to create the symbolic embodiment of the essence of Melinda Lee Holm's work.

Intuitive action rooted in Divine wisdom.