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Magick of the Heart Mala


108 bead mala with natural stone guru bead

Materials: 100% pure silk thread, Tulsi, Lava Stone, Labradorite, Prehnite guru bead

Magick of the Heart Conjure inner peace and self-mastery by aligning your purpose with your heart. The purest magick is directed inward, using our powers to transform ourselves into beings of highest service. Begin by following your heart and see where it leads you.

Mantra I open my heart to the call of the Divine Universe, transforming all aspects of my life in alignment with its teachings.

How to use: Meditate or pray by repeating a mantra once for each bead. You may use the mantra given here or another of your choosing. Wear the mala to carry your prayers with you and to adorn your worthy body in beauty and spiritual intention.

All of my malas are hand knotted by me in my home studio in Los Angeles. I started out making custom pieces for clients based on Tarot readings and found the process to be extremely calming and fulfilling. I offer these at the cost of time and materials as a service to my creativity and your spiritual aspirations. They are only available here, directly from me on my site.

My custom malas, Prescription Adornments, are created specifically for each client to carry the guidance of their tarot reading in physical form, as a wearable spell. Prescription Adornment malas are $750 including the tarot reading and consultation. You can book an appointment for a prescription mala at